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Madein87 is Myriam, occasionally collaborating with other designers or artists.

Myriam M.D.
Born in Madrid. Bachelor of Design (Mediadesign) - Cologne, Art academy - Essen, Master in art direction and applied illustration -  Barcelona.

Myriam has 10 years working experience and 6 years as creative freelance in multiple areas of design and applied illustration, as well as a freelance artist. Besides a proven record of creativity, she has an excellent number literacy, coordinating projects and budgets, and experienced in designing, assessing and managing workflows and large corporate processes, campaigns and communications. Her communication skills are effective in English, German, French, Spanish and Catalan. 

Graduating from Media Design, she begun working immediately as a junior designer at the Estudio Mariscal gaining first working experience for high profiled clients.

In 2014 she started working as a freelancer for demanding fashion retailers, providing international services as a senior creative designer, hosting exhibitions and events, as well as consultancy in typography and branding, gaining good experience with the Adobe's suite, skilling in Photoshop and Illustrator. 

In 2016 she focused her creative spirit in creating a company, and started an independent soft drink company.

In 2017 a number of creative projects fell on her plate and decided to make more time for managing large projects, integrating an end to end service, from building the brand image to associated social media.

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