El Born Company

Beverage company

The joy of infusing Nitrogen in a drink is the beer-like foam formed on top, the cascading effect while serving, and all of that without alcohol, sugar, or additives. A natural infusion that is mouth-filling, super-healthy, and refreshing. Nitro Drinks originated not so long ago in USA speciality coffee shops, and quickly gained a lot of fans. The caffeine addition is a real quick! 

El Born Company is the first company in EU to have bottled Nitro in a RTD format, which is the solution to the main issue of Nitro Coffee in retail and coffee shops: Rotation. Bottles are much easier to store and sell than having a tap installed and a minimum of 6 liters per keg. The cherry on top, is a clearly vintage look referencing the roots of the project, the classic neighborhood of El Born in Barcelona.